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Walla Walla Pétanque Club

New Blog Post 11

Monday, March 25, 2019 1:47 PM

Hello Club Members,

We had our best turn out for the Mixed Doubles Tournament, with 12 teams competing. Despite the rain is was a wonderful success. So many good games everyone should be proud. I also wanted to mention that some of our younger players did particularly well,Tom Burgess and Maya Johansson. Maya was a last minute addition to play with Monte Underwood and picked up the game very fast.

Concours1st place Junko Burgess and Van Woolfe (two time champs)2nd place Ona Karasa and Marvin Wood3rd place Cindy and Michael Rasch4th place Emma and Brandon Kubrock

Consolante A1st place  Aline Guida-Raber and Philippe Michel2nd place Leslie Barton and Miantsa Harison

Consolante B1st place Tom Burgess and Ryan Raber2nd place Eloisa Vannerson and various partners including Jehan Poirot and Matt Sutherland

We also helped the Danza Classica raise about 400 dollars. Hopefully we can have them out again.

Next tournament will be our Club Panache Tournament on April 28th. The way the panache tournament works is each game you are partnered up with a random teammate. Your win/loss and point differential follows you throughout the tourney. In the end the player with the most wins and point differential wins. We will have medals for 1st - 3rd place. I may work on finding a plaque or trophy for the winner, something that can be passed down each year. It will be 10 dollars per player. More details to follow. Please let me know if you are interested in playing in the Club Panache Tournament.

Thank you all again for such a wonderful tournament.

Cheers,Ryan Raber